Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Roundup

Good morning, all!  We've got a few updates for today:

From CNN, a story of a nationwide meat recall, which is actually a nationwide recall of pre-packaged deli sandwiches due to the meat in them.  If you prefer to build your own sandwiches, fear not.

Politico has a report on attempts to beef up the FDA that have thus far lingered in committee.  It doesn't look like Bill will be stuck in committee much longer, with multiple recalls this election year. 

Down Under, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation explains how recent hung Parliamentary election stands to increase the importance of rural Ministers in building a coalition. 

In the markets, Japan plans to increase the price of wheat its Agriculture Ministry sells to millers, and the USDA announces that recent rains currently rate the corn crop at 82% "good" or "excellent." 

From the Greeley (Colorado) Tribune, a story of a hay fire where neighbors showed up in droves offering to help out. 

Finally, something a little more unusual:  From the BBC, new research identifies the availability of "living space", rather than competition, as being of key importance for evolution."  Basically, the more room creatures have to live, the more rapidly they develop more advantageous qualities like strength and intelligence. 

I don't mean to suggest anything metaphorical by that.  Not at all... 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. The hay fire story brought back vivid memories of a pasture fire when we were little by your dad's southern Philips Cty. farm ground. I remember my dad and his brothers helping and the volunteer fire department. It was huge. I think even Bret and his family spent the night at our house because it was very close to their old house. I have good neighbors, but nothing compares to rural neighbors. They usually treat you better than family!

  2. There was a mulberry bush right at the bend in the road that never did come back.

    I wonder if that isn't a reason for the advantages of open spaces - if everyone has a niche, there's no need to expand to fill it. When there are spaces in society that need filled, everyone does what they can to make things work, and everyone is better for it.