Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily Roundup - Weekend Edition

Hopefully all of you are enjoying your weekend, even if you are like me and will be working for a pretty big chunk of it. If you have time, check out our (mostly) daily update of news affecting rural America. See you Monday!

DTN Ag Policy Blog - A Look at House Races That Could Affect Agriculture - Ag Policy Editor Chris Clayton gives us the rundown of several important congressional races. - Having a stake in rural survival -"“We’ve got to get the rest of the country understanding that they have a stake in rural economics and survival..."

NPR - In Rural Calif., A Debate On How To Save A Hospital - "If the county goes down, the hospital goes down. If the hospital goes down, the city goes down." - Kansas, Midwest rural economies continue to soften - "Prospects for economic recovery in rural America continued to slow in August, bankers in Kansas and nine other Midwestern states told a new survey."

Reuters - U.S. farmers oppose EPA's proposed dust regulation - "American farmers have been ridiculing a proposal by U.S. regulators to reduce the amount of dust floating in rural air."

Surely American farmers wouldn't "ridicule" government regulators, would they?!


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