Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Roundup

Well good morning and a happy Friday-eve day to you all. Here are just a few tid-bits to get the ole gears a turning:

Animal agriculture came under attack yet again. The Humane Society of the United State and the Animal Rights 2010 Conference hosted Taking Action for Animals (TAFA). Good insight into their cause as well as some stellar quotes!

Farmers are gaining speed in the new #78 Farm American car. Even though Bristol is over and done, thought I would put this out on peoples radar. Sure to be more to come.

A memo from the Obama administration has surfaced and it isn't good. It reveals plans for the Federal government to seize more than 10 million acres! Not only would this be a tremendous blow to agriculture, but also to rural communities whose schools, fire departments depend upon funding from the tax revenue the land generates.

Out in rural America we don't worry about a commute like our city cousin, but this is ridiculous. A 60-mile traffic jam! Officials are saying it could be backed up for weeks. It really makes you think about how incredible our transportation system and infrastructure really is.

Lastly, some food for thought, err, some thoughts about food. There is a lot of worry going around about the safety of our food and how horrible all those hormones in our meat can be. Check out this video and let Mr. Loos enlighten you.

Until next time, good afternoon, good evening and good night!

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