Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Roundup

Happy Monday y'all! Here's the Monday open thread.

It looks as though the HBO movie "Temple Grandin" had a great night at the Emmy's. This wonderful biopic about the life of Temple Grandin illustrates her life growing up with autism and overcoming tremendous odds. Thanks to a mother who refused to give up and a teacher taking her under his wing, Temple has earned a doctorate in Animal Sciences and made tremendous contributions to the humane handling of livestock. And, I couldn't be more proud to have her working for my alma mater, Colorado State.

Food for thought: Artificial Meat? This is what some scientist are saying will be needed to support the earth's ever growing population. Even so, the Malthusian Theory has been in existence since 1798 and agriculturalist have always risen to meet the challenge. Will we be able to this time?

A member of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), a domestic terrorist group that uses violence to achieve an animal rights agenda, is set to go to court.

The Health and Human Services announced $32 million for rural healthcare to increase access to healthcare.

This just in: Producers believe that genetic modification will be the top technology needed to feed the world.

Have a wonderful Monday and a wonderful week! Cheers!

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  1. Sorry. I'm behind on my reading because I was gone for several days. Now catching up :) I read the article on artifical meat. I'm always a little leary when Chicken Little reports come out predicting a crisis. I think the article touched on something briefly that is a point to consider before artificial meat is mass produced. It mentioned the amount of waste that rich countries have. America, in particular, has become such a wasteful society! I can't imagine how my Grandma feels after growing up during the Great Depression and now seeing how wasteful we've become. Our local news network here always shows clips of what the local zoo feeds the animals. You'd be amazed at how well these animals eat. The zoo has a deal with local supermarkets to purchase perfectly good produce and meat at a cheap cost that the stores for whatever reason can no longer sell them. I'm all for USDA having strict guidelines on our food consumptions (I don't want to get food poisoning), but maybe an issue needs to be addressed if lions in Fort Wayne, Indiana are eating better than children in China.