Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Roundup

Good morning, good morning, good morning! Welcome to the Thursday Round up. Let's get started.

I hate to start off a post with a story this depressing, but I believe there is no other issue of more importance. PJTV posted this video on illegal immigrations impact on ranchers and rural communities along Arizona's border. No matter what your stance on this delicate issue, immigration, this video is something that you must see. If you are to read (watch) one article from todays post, please make it this.

Coming up faster than we know is harvest, the holiday season and then the turn of a new year. Oh, the opportunities that new beginnings hold! Well, the new year also holds a surprise for producers as well. Okay, it really isn't a surprise because we all know it will be happening. What is it you might ask? The EPA's interim Tier 4 emissions regulation will be in effect. So no matter whether the tractor you drive is Red or Green, all new tractors will have to meet these stringent (ridiculously over stringent in my humble opinion) emission regulations. Click on the colors for information about what you will see from two leading ag equipment manufacturers, Case IH and John Deere.

Even though harvest keeps on rolling, we cannot keep it in the bins! There is some very strong demand for US ag commodities on the global stage from the effects of the Black Sea drought. The recent demand has caused supplies of commercial cash grain to slide by 2% this last week. This will be welcome news to farmers expecting to harvest a large corn and soybean crop this year.

Thank you for joining us here at the Rural Republic. I hope everyone has enjoyed their abbreviated work week and have a fabulous Friday-eve day.

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